Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've been watching fall trend reports and have made a list of trend predictions for fall/winter of 2012. I expect you will see:

  • Bold Stripes- Remember color blocking? It’s not over yet. Look for bold contrasting colors and wide stripes like this: (American Outfitters)

  • Gray with Splashes of Bright Colors- For me, gray is a fall/winter staple. Make it really pop by adding bright colors, like yellow or fuschia: (Lili Gaufrette)

  • Preppy College Feel with Punk Inspiration: Does back to school get any cuter? A slightly more professional look with a fun feel still appropriate for kids. Don’t forget the dots! (Lili Gaufrette)

  • Military inspired- stock up on buttons! Structured jackets and button adorned sailor style skirts are coming your way: Don’t forget the bright colors! (Miss Blumarine)

  • Mish mash prints-If you are already a fan of stripwork and patchwork, then this look is for you. Quit playing it safe with your fabric combos and allow your designs to get funky like this look from Monsoon.

  • Woodland Creatures- Woodland Creatures have been a fall staple for at least a couple of years now. Owl, bear, fox, and hedgehogs have been some of the fall favorites. I recently had a customer request for owls this fall and my daughter has a super cute hedgehog skirt set, (never thought I’d say that, but it’s true!) I don’t think we have seen the last of the woodland critters. Do you have plans to include them in your fall designs? (Cath Kidston)

  • Decorative Embellishments. We already love ruffles, so keep ‘em coming! In addition to ruffles look for sweet decorative details like the bordered embroidery on this sweet dress (Mini Boden)

  • Fairy Tale Inspired Looks- I see woodland creatures, bright colors and a mish mash of prints and decorative embellishments as seen in the Once Upon a Time collection by Servane Barrau. Definitely fit for a princess or your favorite fairy tale heroine.

Glitter & Shine in Winter Dresses: Want to get a jump on your holiday designs? This winter it’s all about the bling. Shiny, sequin adorned dresses were all over the fall kids fashion runways. In this category this dress is one of my favorites, on trend and still demure. (Baby CZ) Too add another fall trend, add a shearling wrap. Fur is also hot this fall.

This is what I am seeing for fall children’s fashion trends. I hope this list helps you plan and inspires beautiful and fun creations for fall. Now it’s time for the fun part- to chat it up! What did I miss? Anything you disagree with? Anything you would like to add? We invite you to make yourselves at home here at Goosebook. Your participation will make us great! Please join in.

Added Bonus -Color Pallette-

Row 1: Sphinx Persian Red Imperial Purple Windsor Wine

Row 2: Chili Pepper Tortoise Shell Peppercorn Chocolate Brown

Row 3: Lead Rabbit Atlantic Deep Black Iris

Row 4: Red Burnt Henna Greener Pastures Black Ink

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adagio Bleu Studios is getting their DIVA on!!!

LONG time member of Adagio Bleu Studios, (and dear friend) Jen, of Tie Dye Diva is hosting the MOST fantabulous Etsy launch to celebrate TWO big milestones… she’s turning 42 (and doesn’t look a day over 30, I might add) ;) ~ AND she’s re-launched a TOTALLY kick-diva SOLO pattern business! Not only is this happening, BUT you WON’T believe your eyes when some of the most talented seamstresses/handmade designers in the custom boutique communities get their diva on and create AMAZING clothing items from her completely original pdf patterns!!
It all kicks off on Monday, March 21st on Etsy so don’t miss a beat!
Stay updated RIGHT HERE on the Modest Goddess Blog
as well as on Jen’s Facebook page Tie Dye Diva Patterns on Facebook
and on her blog too, or you can take a peek at her Etsy shop to see the full gamut of all of her patterns prior to this awesome launch!